Senate approves amendments in the Companies Ordinance, 1984

The Senate has approved the Companies Ordinance (Amendment) Bill, 1998. The reasons for introducing the Amendment Bill and expected impact of the amendments are briefly narrated below:- (i) Under the existing provisions of section 14 of the Ordinance, no association or partnership firm consisting of more than 20 persons may function unless it is registered […]


How to deal with a dumb boss

Being a boss does not mean one is a good leader. People are mostly not promoted to a managerial position  because of their managerial or leadership skills. You must understand that if someone is your boss, it does not mean that they are smarter than you, or they know better than you. But it also […]


PKR devaluing at 6% annually against USD

Pakistani Rupee (PKR) has been devaluing since creation of Pakistan. In 60’s one USD was around Rs. 4.75. However today one USD is around Rs. 112. The increase in price of dollar is shown in following chart. It is observed that PKR is devaluing at around 6% annually against USD.


Another way of looking at Riba/Interest.

There are many reasons of riba being haram in Islam. Haram means forbidden. It is highly forbidden in Islam. It is said that being involved in riba means declaring war with Allah and His Prophet (PBUH). Riba means any amount received in excess of original amount lent to a person. That is the simple meaning […]

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