Riba: Why borrower is cursed?

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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) cursed all the participants of riba: lender, borrower, one who records and witnesses.

Everyone knows that Riba is haram in Islam. Generally it is thought that lenders take advantage of poor people and trap them in the vicious circle of riba. However if it was true, why would borrower be cursed. Is lender not the only evil one. Off course the ones who record and witness are the supporters of lender but why curse the borrower. What did he do wrong?

To understand this question, one must understand that Islam not only prohibits riba but also prohibits gambling. There are many forms of gambling. Selling something you have not yet purchased or selling something you have purchased but do not have possession of, is also strictly prohibited.

So can a person promise to pay back a specific amount of money which he does not posses on a specific later date? Think of it. If one takes Rs. 100 loan and promises to pay Rs. 110 back. Does he posses those Rs. 10 or is he sure that by the time the loan is due, he will that that much money to pay?

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