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Stop Confusing Power Query with VBA/Macros

Microsoft has been working hard on implementing query and data connection tools in its MS Office products. Now as a result we have a more mature data access tools in shape of Power Query. It is now more easy to connect to various database files outside the workbook in different formats. If you are working […]

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Saber Apps: Excel Files Merger System

Excel Files Merger System (EFMS) is a free to use application which is designed to merge xls and xlsx files into SQL database and export as csv. This application intends to make it easy to collect and summarize data in excel files. Although there are options like macros and power query but we found them […]

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Scheduled Banks Half-Yearly Returns Excel to DBF

An associate of ours works at a bank where part of their responsibility is SBP reporting. One of such reports is Scheduled Banks Half-Yearly Returns ( which contains data of deposits, advances, investments and balance sheet of each branch. Report is prepared and submitted through old foxpro based system which is outdated. They have been […]


Artificial Intelligence: Neural Networks

AI has long been a subject of many sci-fi fantasy novels and movies. It was always a fascinating topic and a subject of interest but no one really believed that practical AI could be achieved in near future. People thought of it as an invention of far far future. To most of regular tech guys, […]