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Expected Credit Losses: Future Looking AI Model – Simplified

Expected Credit Losses is a very important area of risk management. It is even more important if you are working for a financial institution. Financial Institutions like banks work with large sums of credit and it is not always “healthy”. Although every application is thoroughly reviewed before acceptance, a large number of customers still tend […]

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Riba: Why borrower is cursed?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) cursed all the participants of riba: lender, borrower, one who records and witnesses. Everyone knows that Riba is haram in Islam. Generally it is thought that lenders take advantage of poor people and trap them in the vicious circle of riba. However if it was true, why would borrower be cursed. Is […]

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Abnormal Pakistan Stock Exchange: Dividend Discount Model

Pakistan is a troubled country. It does not have stable policies and plans and as a result it does not have stable economy. You cannot expect steadiness from Pakistani economy. There are sudden and unexpected changes. This is why most of financial, economic and statistical models fail here because the fundamental thing that makes these […]


Another way of looking at Riba/Interest.

There are many reasons of riba being haram in Islam. Haram means forbidden. It is highly forbidden in Islam. It is said that being involved in riba means declaring war with Allah and His Prophet (PBUH). Riba means any amount received in excess of original amount lent to a person. That is the simple meaning […]

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