Sabertech was established in 27 October, 2016. The main purpose of Sabertech is research in the areas of economic, financial and business technology focusing on Pakistan.

In 16 January, 2017; Saberapps was established to assist Sabertech in software development. In result or in process of Sabertech research, various software applications and tools are developed that may be helpful to other people in Pakistan specially students.  These apps are developed and published by Saberapps. The applications are byproduct of our research work and have no primary monitory motives therefore they are not marketed.

Watchdog.pk became live in March, 2017. On April 6, 2018; its android application was launched on Google Play. On April 25, 2020; another android application based on the database of watchdog.pk was launched on Google Play with the name of “Pakistan in Charts”.

In June, 2020 Sabertech founders went into a partnership and established Saber Services, a financial and information technology services provider. The aim of business is to utilize combined resources and provide quality services to its clients.

Saber Services, unlike Saberapps,  is not a software developer or publisher, rather it provides customized services to its clients after studying their business and understanding their needs. The focus is on automation and business process re-engineering. One of such product is IMRS (Installments Management and Reporting System) for which Saber Services also provides after sales services and customized development as desired by the clients.